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Plan, deploy, maintain and operate satellite telecommunications networks anywhere in the world.

Earth Stations

Assembly, aligment, cabling, electronic integration, performance testing.

De-Ice systems

Antenna, subreflector and feed de-ice systems installation, gas/electric/quake.


Antenna patterns, G/T, cross-pol, co-pol, gain, cable loss, VSWR.

Our latest timely delivered projects

  • Brewster, WA United States
  • Phoenix, AZ United States
  • Yacolt, WA United States
  • Cordoba Argentina
  • Samaritan, Nc United States
  • Lima Peru

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Yacolt, WA, US

Installation of De-Ice system on a 9.3m Ku-band antenna.

Cordoba, Argentina

Installation of a 9.3m Ku-band antenna.

Samaritan, NC, US

Installation of a 3.8m Batwing

Lima, Peru

Installation of a 9.0m Ku-band antenna.


RSI provides a wide range of specialty services through an agile team of expert telecommunications engineers. Our method of work complies with the highest standards for successful timely delivered results

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Site surveys

Site assessment and readiness check. Study of performance feasibility for new systems or migrating systems, LOS, cabling, power, permits/licenses.

Field tests

Antenna testing, RF/IF cabling, Waveguide testing, gain, contour, patterns, insertion loss, return loss, etc.


Commissioning of E/S for all satellite operators.


Integration of antenna Hubs, rigid/flexible waveguide systems, LNA/LNB switches, PA switches, rack equipment.


Expert unparalleled consulting for new or existing systems, local or remote.


Annual maintenance programs for complete E/S systems including antenna motors, structure, feed, hub, de-ice systems.

Resectorization - Relocation

Movement of antennas to other sectors to allow wider visibility of satellites, relocation to other areas.

System upgrades

Antenna controller upgrades, HPAs, Up/Down converters, SSPAs, system enhancements.

Remote troubleshooting

Need an expert RF engineer help on any topic related to your E/S system? we can help you remotely.

Experience at your service

RSI can support any communications projects anywhere in the world. Our team can be quickly deployed to any location and start working in your project immediately.